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Trading rules:

1) Must be on Maxell Type II 90 min tape

2) No cutting out songs

3) No bad quality recordings otherwise you will be posted as a bad trader

4) Email me for more details....

Grading scale

A+ Superior recording

A Excellent

A- Excellent but could be better

B+ Very Good but not as clear sounding as an (A) recording

B Very Good but there are some flaws

B- Good

C+ Not as clear as it should be

C A lot of flaws in the recording but you can still make out the songs....a lot of tape fuzz or crowd noise

C- The same as a (C) recording but louder hiss or crowd noise

D-F Not acceptable and I will not trade or accept these recordings.


1) Juliana Hatfield @ Staches Columbus, OH 7-15-92

1) I See You

2) Quit

3) Lost and Saved

4) My Sister

5) The Lights

6) Everybody Loves Me But You

7) This Is The Sound

8) Addicted

9) Supermodel

10) Nirvana

An (A-) Recording

Juliana Hatfield at Fort Apache (with interview)?/?/95

What A Life

I Got No Idols

Dying Proof

Universal Heart-Beat

Fleur De Lys

Spin The Bottle

My Sister




Bottles and Flowers

An (A-) recording

Juliana Hatfield @ Backstage Tavern Ballard, WA 9-17-93


Hello My Name Is Baby

For The Birds

Spin The Bottle

Everybody Loves Me But You

Here Comes The Pain


President Garfield

This Is The Sound

My Sister


The Lights

Feelin' Massachusetts

Little Pieces

A Dame With A Rod

I Got No Idols



You Don't Own Me

An (A) Recording

Juliana Hatfield @ Met Cafe Providence, RI 2-13-97

I'm too lazy to find the list of songs...but it is an acoustic show with the likes of "Fleur De Lys", "Waves", "My Sister", "Nirvana", "What Have I Done To You" and other new songs.

A (C to C-) recording

Blake Babies Bloomington, IN 3-5-91

Once again I am too lazy to get the list right at the moment but there are songs such as an older version of "Lost and Saved", "Star", "Look Away", "Sanctify", "Lament", "Don't Suck My Breath", and a bunch of Neil Young covers.

A (B) recording

Juliana Hatfield acoustic @ NY ?-?-98

Never got the list to go with it....but there are a couple of familar songs such as "My Sister", "Waves", "What Have I Done To You", "Nirvana" and a bunch of new material.

An (A) recording

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